Victoria Rose International Book Club

Independent Artists

Jennarosa, the Founder of Victoria Rose International Book Club decided to open up the door to an International Independent Artists Book Club in the year 2000,  having success with her other business 

Victoria Rose Music Club

Jennarosa built a team of people to assist in  leadership with Associates in the Publishing world and worked as a Team Leader in other communities, where the Collaborators could share their knowledge and learn from the Associates knowledge as well to format an easier plan for beginners to learn the stepping stones to their very own Book being Published.

Being an author of books, experienced in writing Screen plays and Creative Producer of Music self publishing label, Jennarosa decided that there is so much talent out there waiting to be shown and promoted in these areas.

Being an Independent writer of books or even a photographer that would love to put a beautiful album out on the market of their photography is a great way to start. 

What about the great old Grandma's recipes, or some of your own, that is another area where you can write a book. 

There are many stepping stones in this kind of business, and also templates that we can teach you to get started. 

Being not known in the Industry of publishing when one starts a book, it is a very hard task to get your book known out there in the niche market. 

Also, most companies charge upfront costs, then editing costs, critique costs. 

Do not fall into the trap of paying out the big dollars

Always work out your business plan, budget, to see what you can afford.

The biggest thing to remember is when starting a book is to make sure you have kept your focus on the main characters, and basic themes. 

Other minor characters should not overtake the main characters. 

Is the story that you are writing fantasy or reality, as it needs to make sense, and not totally sound over exaggerated.

We are associated with different companies that assist to promote our products and due to the experience of Jennarosa's own publishing's, Victoria Lane Global Publishers also nominates business.

We must make space for our readers imaginations too, and write parts that keep everyone in suspense to try and work out the answer or what is going to happen next. You also need to define the difference between passive voice and aggressive voice also.

Always make sure there is a flow in the story of thrilling, tension as it needs to build up in these areas. This is to ensure that the public is really sitting on their seat waiting for the next thing to happen in the story.

Just writing about everything and anything can become very boring to the reader, and it can make  the outline of your story become monotonous.

Write your very own book.

Our associate's company whom we have been involved with for nearly seven years is an online Print on Demand publisher that helps with Publishing ideas, self publishing, forums, and many other incidentals also.   

Why not try this journey out and join our program in "Victoria Rose International Book Club" for Independent Artists.

If you have never written a book before, it would be responsible to complete your manuscript before you approach any type of market publisher.  Many editors and agents are willing to work with a new author on the basis of a synopsis or outline.

You need to be able to show you can deliver your product.

Driving a long in the car, or sitting at the railway or bus station, can all of a sudden plant a seed of something you might like to write about in your book so carry a note book with you, to jot down notes, ideas, and story lines. 

The reason for doing this is you might have come up with a great creative subject or synopsis, then the next day you have what's known as writers block.

Give yourself  a time limit each day and a quiet room to write in. 

Always have a dictionary to help with spelling of complicated words.

Does this sound like an interesting club to join? 

Further your writing career, achieving goals.